Gavin Alexander

Founding Director

A-Lec Electrics Pty Ltd was founded in 1993 by Gavin.  The company’s success has come from its high-quality workmanship, attention to detail and an awareness of the needs of its clients.  Our electrical team members are committed to achieving the same high standard on all jobs.  Our commitment to quality also means using the best components available to ensure maximum safety and performance and making the experience for clients as stress free as possible. 


We are committed to the development, training and well-being of our staff.  We see this as assuring the welfare of our team members and their families and investing in the future of our company and our industry.

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Quenteen Williams


Quenteen joined A-Lec Electrics in 2013 as a fully qualified electrician.  In 2016 he was made Leading Hand and in 2018 bought into the business and is now Joint Owner and Director with Gavin. Together, the partnership continues to uphold the values of the company today and into the future being a widely recognized brand.

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Justin Butcher

Leading Hand/ Electrician

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Andrew Marino


Phillip Madsen


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Connor Brookhouse

3rd Year Apprentice

Jake Bourke

2nd Year Apprentice

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Colleen Moss

Office Administrator

Susan Alexander

Business Manager/ WHSO

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